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Golden got pretty rowdy for a Monday night. We found a pretty nice wine bar downtown with a pretty Polish bartender that Bernie tried his two Polish words out on. The rest of the night, well... went something like this: Three New Englanders walk into a bar and ask for a drink. The bartender's Polish, there's a drunk Canadian on one side of the bar - on the other side a drunk with two escorts that are getting pretty handsy with eachother. What could possibly go wrong?

We start drinking with the Canuck who is a pretty funny guy and the five of us (bartender too) are watching the show on the other side of the bar. The three of them would leave and come back every 15 minutes or so and it became apparent Mr. Softie was having a little trouble in the hotel room with his two friends. About the third time they came back, they were smoking outside when our drunk Canadian friend (whose wedding ring had mysteriously disappeared) said

"Buy you guys a round if one of you moons them through the window!"

I don't think he had even finished his sentence before Shawn was over by the window mooning them. One of the girls mooned back - no underwear...

I could go on, but perhaps a highlights reel would be better.

  • Canuck bought us said round of Martinis
  • Closed the wine bar and went with the Canuck to the dive bar across the street
  • Shawn feeds the jukebox money to play neverending string of cheeseball rock
  • Closed dive bar, was offered ride back to hotel from some guy who had a pretty funny Seth Roegan Knocked up thing going
  • Seth moves his baby seat to fit us in, then informed us we had to stop off at his dealer's house real quick
  • Dealer starts swinging large sword, we consider running away
  • Seth gets it together and drives us the rest of the way to the hotel
  • Pass out and do not wake up very early
  • Three of us do not learn any lessons about stranger danger
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