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Kevin K
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Over the Rewind weekend I had to take close to 300 pictures with my canon 20d. Something happened with my memory card as the pictures won't upload to my or anyone else's computer. When I put the card back in the camera the word "error" shows on the little LCD. I know they are still in that memory card somewhere. Does anyone have a solution to getting my pictures? I'm not just upset that I can't get the pics off, but I'm bothered that I carried that stupid camera around and watched motos through a 200mm lense rather than sitting back and enjoying watching the old bikes do thier thing.

I am going to be riding next year as many classes as they will let me race ,(judging by how many motos Cody Kessler rode, they at least let you ride 15 classes) . I'd also like to do Fridays hare scramble.,
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