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Originally Posted by Motopsychoman View Post
I've been on the Stewart-Cassiar Hwy, although a very long time ago. There is a lot of beautiful scenery but no services for great distances.

There is a fair amount of traffic on the road: mostly logging trucks. This time of year there are probably several bikers a day going up or down.

When we get info on the situation, maybe we can help figure this out.

What kind of bike is he riding?
Sorry - just realized he's on a DRZ.
About a vehicle an hour on the road according to Tropic. He's going to see if he can get the bike going himself in the morning. If not, he'll get in touch with me via the SPOT and I'll phone the nearest towing company. As luck would have it, they're only 22 km away.

Thanks for the input Motopsycoman & chris73.
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