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It's not that last 1/2HP that I'm looking for; yes, additional [performance would be great but I want smoothness (like the vibes that my KTM Akra map causes) and I want to run dual maps for power and economy with the switch. I also don't want to run any kind of auto tune because A) I don't want to drill out my exhaust and weld on a larger bung for the larger auto tune sensor and B) I am not going to ride for a period of time, check the values and then alter the map according to the auto tune module. If you have maps that are compatible with my setup, that's amazing and a very generous offer however I am leaving for Indianapolis for the MotoGP friday morning- thank you for the offer though.

As for Power Commander and their PC-V, it lists one model for 2007-2011 but nothing newer though I see by some posts here that it has also been used on newer bikes (12, 13). As far as I know, KTM did NOT change any wiring / harness / ECU specs from 2011 going into 2012 and 2013 so technically it should work but when I called Power Commander, they stated that they only support through 2011 and would not support my 2012 bike...annoying given my local tuner's preference for Power Commander though he has done plenty of custom tunes (both dual and individual cylinder tunes) with Bazzaz - he also stated that any sort of autotune (either the Bazzaz or PC-V auto tune) are a waste for me.

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Pc only does the newer 990 in the V because there is an ECU and wiring harness change. They don't want to put the R&D for the outdated ECU's. If you get a Bazazz there is no need to Go to a dyno unless your looking for thatlast 1/2 HP. I cangive you Air/Fuel ratios to input. Do you have oxygenated gas up here( I'm at Mosport testing all week)? Flying out of Tronto on Sunday. Maybe we can get together and Ivan give you a basic run down.
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