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How Did You Learn To Ride?

In reading a thread in face plant where a man purchased a new bike but didn't know how to ride and subsequently was killed in heavy traffic as he left the dealership. There was a lot of discussion on the lack of training, which brought up memories of how I learned to ride back in '81.
My older brothers has motorcycles back in the '70's but crashed so often, that my parents banned me from getting a bike until I was 18. So, as I was approaching that age, I read every book I could find on how to ride. I could already drive a manual shift transmission car and had spent years riding bicycles so I felt comfortable in my abilities to actually ride. The first bike I bought was a brand new TS125 2 stroke Suzuki that we brought home, from the dealership, in a van. I spent a couple of joyful hours just riding around the house, I grew up in a house with a big back yard. I later ventured up to a church parking lot and after a while there went out onto the streets. I don't remember if there was a MSF Riding Course back then, if there was I probably would have taken it. So, what is your story?
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