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So we all can agree that the dual handlebars are genius, right?

not so fast earthlings! I was uncomfortable with the lack of rear view on this rig to begin with. When my arms are up on the apehangers and I am slouched down like Marlon Brando I can't see out my standard mirrors. So I put a ton of mirrors on my mirror trellis.

Well bad knews ratlings, when in a dire traffic situration it is like seeing the world through flies eyes. It only adds confusion and visual pandemonium.
My genius idea keeps getting worst and worst.

Then waalaa at the local flea market I found this for $2

Thassright a 1980 Oldsmobile Toronado Mirror WITH A THERMOMETER THAT IS UNAFFECTED BY DIRECT SUNLIGHT. nO MORE FISHinG around for my hottub thermometer while hauling ass down the road.

Of course in this day and age it is all about control so I mounted the included joystick. Have you ever wondered how those mechanical mirror controls work but couldn't figure it out? Same kind of majic that keeps airplanes up? Well I have seen the guts of one and I ain't tellin

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