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I had a guy come in yesterday. He asked if he could ride a couple of Sportsters to see if he liked them because he did not like the bike that he was talked into buying 2 years ago and had only put 178 miles on it.

(He rode in on a Aprilia Shiver 750) I did not see him ride in.

I ASSUMED he knew how to ride. I mean really.. anyone that rides in on a Naked Sport Standard Would you not have done the same?

He picked out a couple of Sportsters... A XL1200V (72) and an XL1200C (Custom) and I lead the way out of the lot and down the road... He immediately dropped WAY back. I am thinking: No worries, he is just getting situated to the forward controls

I wait at the first stop sign and make sure he feels all is OK. Off we go...

Again he quickly dropped back (would not go even 20 mph) So I pull over at a gas station about a 100 yards away and turn of my bike to interview him further (as Red flags are flying and my concern is growing)

I ask: "Are You OK?"

"Yes" he says..

"You really need to ride at or close to the speed limit as it is too dangerous not to" I tell him.

"I really like this bike it is WAY easier to ride than the Aprilia"

So I asked. "Do you even know how to ride?" "You are OK right? For your safety and mine we need to get up to at least 30 mph" "You know to look through the turn right? Look where you want to go..."

YES he says. and does the exaggerated head turns taught by Team Oregon and the MSF.

Off we went at 20 mph for the next 5 miles.

He liked the 72. He traded the Aprilia and is getting further instruction so he can get safely up to speed. (The roads around his house are the perfect learning roads... Very Rural)

He assured me that he felt he would get along fine on the 72 because it was so much easier to ride. I offered to trailer his Aprilia home so he didn't have to ride it but he traded it in instead. With very minor damage to both sides from him dropping it in the 178 miles he had ridden.

Anyone want a Aprilia Shiver 750 with new turn signals and shifter lever? I has one.

I can't even imagine selling it to somebody that is a new rider though so if you are new to riding, DON"T EVEN ASK!!!
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