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Originally Posted by CafeRacer99 View Post

I love to ride but a lot of this trip was spent just getting to where I wanted to ride. I'm discovering that I hate riding to a deadline. It feels like work. Droning along on the highway, having to make today's mileage. Even the two-lane blacktops off the interstate feel like work when you're hauling ass through.

That said, I wonder if I would ever get anywhere if I didn't set goals for myself?

And again, I think if I just set off for a week with no goals or destination in mind, I wouldn't get anywhere. But is that a bad thing? How do you plan a trip with no destination?

I'm also thinking future trips should plan for daily mileage under 300 a day, to give me time to stop and relax and get to my destination in time for sightseeing.
If you limit yourself to 300 miles per day on every trip, you won't ever go far, unless you have LOTS of time off.

For me, I mix up the days on trips. From my house to the Rockies is 650 miles. I usually will knock out 650 to 950 miles on the first and last day of a trip to New Mexico or Colorado. That saves me two days of the vacation for riding in The Rockies.

I have stayed in many places in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas over the years, but if time is limited, I'm going to ride all the way from The Ozarks to The Rockies in one day.

Last year I went to Lexington Virginia, 1000 miles away. I broke that down into two 500 mile days out and back.

Every ride is a little different, and it depends upon where you live. If I lived in Northern New Mexico, 500 mile days would become a rarity for me on vacation trips. As it is, if I want to spend a few days in Appalachia, or The Rockies, or The Gulf of Mexico, I need to have a couple long days to get there and back.

The idea of "no plans" moto vacation sounds really fun. But since I'm not retired, taking a few days or a week of wandering around at 0 - 300 miles per day would mean my touring radius would be smaller than it is now.

One thing I've been doing on some trips is pick a base, or "hub". I'll ride there as quickly as possible, then stay there for several nights, riding somewhere different each day. I think I like this plan much better than staying in a different place each night on a week-long trip.

Another thing I've been doing is staying two nights at many places along the way. That gives me a full day to check out whatever cool town I've chosen to stop in.

My trip back in June went like this:
Home>Cimarron>Ouray>Ouray>Ouray>Durango>Santa Fe>Santa Fe>Home

A New Mexico trip a few years ago went:
Home>Palo Duro Canyon>Santa Fe>Santa Fe>Santa Fe>Taos>Taos>Red River>Woodward>Home

A trip to Colorado a few years ago went like this:
Home>Denver>Denver>Crested Butte>Denver>Denver>Denver>Salida>Salida>Salida>Salida>Home
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