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Growing up we were always pedaling around town. Day,night,summer,winter-didn't matter.Always on our bikes.

Eventually a few of the guys got minibikes and small MX bikes-DS80, YZ80,etc which we all took turns riding on an abandoned railbed, in an old gravel pit as well as around fields and local dirt roads. Next, one of my buddies got a Yahama 125 enduro, the MX bikes became 125s and our dirt road excursions increased in frequency & distance.

I, of course, was not allowed to have my own...

At 15 I got my first actual job,one year later I bought a new, 0 mile, Suzuki GS450t for $1700, cash! Had my boss take me to the dealership to pick it up, rode it home to let the folks know what was up, been riding(mostly) ever since. Eventually, I even got my self the mc endorsement!

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