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Hey there, My name is Clinton I'm a kiwi guy who has been living in the US for 19 years now and gradually exploring chunks of it on annual bike pilgrimages.

Four years back a girlfriend and I dreamed about riding to Alaska on our motorcycles as one does; In the end the (now ex) girlfriend decided she wanted to do something else with her life, however my dream held true over the years. This season i was planning to finish my house and to finally do that alaskan trip "next year" but as the warm weather started approaching I decided "Screw it, you never know what might happen in the next 12 months, I'm going. I'm going, Now."

Well after 68 days, 13,700 miles, 4 tyres, 8 quarts of oil and 337 gallons of fuel I finally rolled back into my unfinished house weathered, hungry and brutally weary However most of all I was exhilarated that I'd not only got to Alaska but experienced infinitely more than I'd originally dreamed about.

I've lurked on this board for 5 years now and really loved it as a place to hang out and listen. The ride reports have been especially useful for me as a planning resource and I've really appreciated the time people have put into writing them.

My "ride report" is going to be more like a collection of travel snippets really. To be honest I cannot remember what I had for breakfast yesterday so I'm not great on recalling the finer details of trips (unless the hash browns where especially delicious) I prefer to let photos paint things in broader strokes. Hope that's ok.

I'll add to this thread as I sort photos out. I hope if nothing else it acts as a catalyst for those who are putting that big trip off for whatever reason to GO. GO NOW! I'm really glad I didn't wait.

Here's a quick preview..

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