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Originally Posted by DELTATANGO View Post
I picked it up today. I bought it from Mark, an inmate here, nice guy.

The motor isn't grenaded like I expected. Mark drove it in the shop on one cylinder. The offending piston doesn't have a mark on it except for a crack along he skirt. It's the rear cylinder so the mechanic had to loosen the engine to get it apart. So the motor is nearly off.

I was thinking initially that I would just fix the engine as it is but after I've thought more about it I'm thinking I should fix it more.

What should I do? The mechanic suggested buying a $4700 crate engine. I don't thing so. I don't think.

PS Tkx Orangecide.

PPS The engine has 62k on it.
Read Pyndon's thread:

He documents a high-mileage rebuild on his engine. No major internal concerns -- just typical wear. At 62K, you will need new cam chains, new chain guides, probably new cam chain tensioners, new rings wouldn't be a bad idea, new valve seals, and other basics. Surface the heads when you put them back on. If that damaged piston damaged the nikasil on the cylinder wall, you need a new cylinder for that jug. Nothing too major. But, you will spend $2,000 even doing a lot of the work yourself.

Also check out this thread:

which documents a "non-rebuild" on a bike with more than 89K on it. The new owner basically fixed a wiring problem . . . and rode it.
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