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Originally Posted by WunderfulLusterful View Post
Why are you so hell-bent on removing the push cable? I see no advantage in removing it. It is not in the way, it weighs nothing and is a great emergency backup for a stuck throttle. Makes absolutely NO sense to remove it.
I wouldn't say I'm "Hell Bent" on removing it, my biggest issue is the extra drag it creates and the logic of its placement.
My throttle has never "snapped" shut since I've owned this bike, it always closes steadilly (with bike off).
I have been dealing with a "hanging idle" as have most others, previously.

I have since removed the carb, replaced the 160 main and 65S pilot with a 175 main/ 68S pilot, placed B53E needle onto middle clip position and re-assembled. I have yet to start/ ride the bike.
Upon assembly I tweaked the adjustment of the cables and the throttle returned significantly better than before the tear down.

I also had even better results with the throttle return with only the single cable connected, hence my questions as to why it is necessary for it to even exist?

Pro's- can be used as a spare cable, can be used to close the throttle manually if "fail safe close" mechanism becomes non existant.

Con's- Creates extra drag on system actuation, something else to replace/ buy.

In summary, I will keep the cable on there, its not causing me any issue at present and its supposed to be there plus I can use it as a spare if needed.
The back and forth discussion and input from you guys certainly helped me make a decision for which I was unsure initially. I appreciate the comments, opinions and banter....all part of what makes this site the special resource that it is.
Glad it didn't turn into a sh!t fight, thanks guys.
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