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Great response, info and support from CPR. Can you address the mapping situation for the '07 and '08 990s? I understand that there is some difference that changes which maps work??

From what we understand, KTM just changed the physical wiring or the way / order it pins out. Not sure yet about the ECU. Since it's a different year it may have a different part number but work the same. We don't know that one as of this moment. One year on the 690 KTM switched polarity on its injectors. That's it! The fix at the time was to just swap the pins in the plugs which is super easy. KTM does some strange stuff sometimes and the aftermarket companies are the one's that really take the brunt of that. Including us with some strange phone calls we have taken about odd parts we have never seen.

PCV's are not available for 07 -08 ADV's anyway, only PC3 and the PC3 won't accept PCV files as the PCV came after. The PCV will take PC3 maps though.

So here is what we suggest:
If we have (or anyone) has a PCV map that you want to run but you have an older KTM 07-08 with say a PC3, we can send you a screen shot of the enrichment values for each cylinder and just copy them matching the throttle position and RPM squares one by one. Tedious I know, but effective as you are accomplishing the same thing and the RPM / TP increments are exactly the same between PC3 and PCV. Here is where a Tune ECU conversion gets tricky. Their TP / RPM increments are more detailed, which in essence is better, but gets tricky if your hand copying values square by square. They also start RPM from the bottom and PCV / 3 starts RPM at the top of the page. No bid deal but adds confusion. Oh, and the cylinders are numbered backwards (PCV is 1 in the front and KTM is 1 in the rear) so you have to account for that. Yikes.

So... We are working on an Excel conversion program where you can copy and paste your stock values from Tune ECU and then copy paste a PCV / 3 value table and use the enrichments from the PCV / 3 tables to provide a new Tune ECU map that can be copy pasted right back in and wha-la, a proper Tune ECU map. The problems we are having is the copy paste function in Tune ECU is funky and doesn't like it so far. We're working on it.
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