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O.K. now I'm done with the blah blah blah and it's time to commence with the adventure.

I'm not going to bore you with pack lists or what camera I have or what helmet I have or what type of fruit of the looms are rubbing my butt raw along the way. Just the ride, lots of pics and the stupid stuff we got ourselves into.

Day #1. San Diego to as close to Sedona as we can get while not killing each other on Day 1......

Packed up and ready to hit the road. With what we have planned to do we have known we were leaving for this trip for over 9 months so were ready to do this. I've checked & double checked all the supplies, tools, spares, loctited everything so it doesn't rattle off (it is a harley), spit shined everything, farted, burped and emptied the system and it's time to rock and roll.

I've got visions of roaming the countryside free as a bird with my wife on the back laughing and smiling telling me what a knight in shining armor I am and how I would have been Christopher Columbus if I was born back whenever the heck he lived. At some points it was like that but... well you know. Its traveling on a motorcycle. Don't need to go into detail on ADV.

Anyhoo.... It's 7 in the morning, July 13th, and the forecast for the desert is looking to be 105-110 degrees. We have to make our way past Palm Springs and then we get into the Anza fun times on our way to Sedona.

Our plan is to do the least amount of interstate as possible along the way which is going to be slow traveling but more scenic and a more relaxed pace since I had learned an approximate breaking point on mileage with mama on the Spain trip. 300 miles seems to be a good # for her and if things fluctuate over she should still be good.

So off we roll and the adventure begins....

Nice cool morning and the miles are flying by.... Clocks ticking by, miles are clicking by and the music is blaring... Freedom on my mind and miles to pound.

Get through Palm Springs and start making our way into the desert and the temp starts picking up. All good in my mind and we roll on.

And it gets hotter...and hotter...and hotter...

This is when I figure out that anything above 95 degrees (at highway speeds) is like a freaking furnace and at this point the harley temp gauge is reading some foreign # that doesn't even register on the Kelvin scale. The heat from this friggen V-twin is roasting my thigh like a slab of beef jerky.

I've ridden dirtbikes a lot in hot 100+ degree dez stuff but typically you're not going 80 mph in 106 degree heat for hours on end and you can just drink out of the camelback and spit it back on your face or neck. Not so on a harley... I felt like a friggen turkey on Thanksgiving day.

Luckfully I had read about ECV vests and had purchased a couple to help deal with this. Soak them up, strap them on and they act like swamp coolers for the body as long as you have a mesh or perforated leather jacket to let air in.

So at the gentle urging of mama that she was about to pass out and do the worlds longest belly slide down the freeway (longest freeway section she did the whole ride) I pulled off and we soaked down the vests.

LIFE SAVING!!! If you have never used these in extreme hot temps before I highly advise it. I'll definitely be using these on an future hot rides on the dirtbike.

Anyway... Jammed on to Blythe and called it a day to ease the Mrs. into this long trip. The Spain trip was about 300 miles split in 2 days so I had to start small and see how things were going and go from there.

Day one over! No issues. Happy times and pretty much a boring day #1 just trying to get through a crappy dez ride. 200 miles down... 5,800 to go....

Pics for the day.... Just two quickies. Nothing to show/talk about on Day 1

Morning Departure.... Told you we're a freak show!

The route for the day:


(P.S. she might create a login here to so you can hear the wife's side of this trip also. Maybe we'll have an epic online forum fight for all of you to enjoy!

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