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I forgot to mention earlier that both headlight filaments burned out before 1500 km. Low beam flickered and died on a night ride with my wife to an orchestral event downtown and then high beam disappeared somewhere in the middle of my long ride in the rain. I used my flashers on the way home.

Turn signals and flashers are audible here. It´s light - high pitched beep - light - embarassing noise - light - people start looking at you - light - OK! I´ll turn it off already! Fortunately, with earplugs at 80 kph, you can´t hear them.

The replacement bulbs cost - get this - ONE DOLLAR! No wonder they burn out and illuminate nothing. 25 of these bulbs for the same price as one for my Concours.

I woke up the morning after the ride to Carapeguá and had to fix the flat. I gathered the tools from wife´s father and began to work. First was the lower chain cover, then the brake brace and brake pedal rod, and then the wheel. I expected the tire to be harder to remove but with one modified screwdriver and another regular one, it came right off with minimal fuss.

A tiny piece of wire had worked itself through the tire into the tube.

So it was off to the local moto supply shop on the bicycle. I figured I´d buy two tubes - it was time to gather tools and have a spare tube. Everything went back together just as easily - don´t forget the cotter pin on the brake brace - and I was off. Bicycle pumps are nice to have. So are tool kits - I carry one now thanks to the extras that my father-in-law has.
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