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Originally Posted by WunderfulLusterful View Post
If your throttle is hanging up, you need to fix the issue, not just remove things until it works! Lube the cables and make sure the throttle tube is not sticking on the bars or inside the housing. Remove the return cable and see if that helps relieve the issue. Good place to start trouble shooting but I would not remove it all together, not make if "a racer you know removes his so I am going to do the same" That is idiot logic. I know it was not you that said it, I am just bringing it back up. Good luck with the throttle issue!


Sorry, I didnt see they part where you said it worked better with one cable. How does the return cable feel when you run it back and forth by hand? It should be smooth as butter with no hard spots.

I think they both need replacing, due to the feel of them.
I did lubricate both cables when the carb was removed, I have a cable lubricator however the only lubricant I had on hand at the time was Silicon Lube, they felt much better afterwards but I still feel they need replacing.
Just looking at the external tube of the cable, it looks as though its "had its day"..
They are both 8 years old and still in one piece, once replaced they will both make adequate spares.

Any idea as to where to get extended cables to suit XR650R?

I have not had a good search for them yet, best I can find are standard length cables..
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