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Originally Posted by Motomedic View Post
I'm not sure you understand what I said.

How are my hands not visible? He's walking toward me, my hands are both full of helmet (as I'm holding said helmet with a hand on either side). I bend down and place the helmet on the ground. I then stand back up, with my hands empty.

And, I quote you: "play the psychology that they are in charge". What the fuck do you think bowing down in front of someone does?
Do you get off the bike? You must if you are able to put your helmet on the ground with Both hands. (ankle holsters anyone?)

I think it is best to just sit there with the motorcycle shut off until they walk up to you. Then they will let you know about taking off your helmet, or getting off the bike, or whatever else.

They are suspicious and are watching what you do. By not doing anything without them telling you first, well what better way to show that they are in charge?

I have been pulled over before and it works for me. YMMV
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