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I was fairly set to get your intake - now I am absolutely convinced that you are knowledgeable, invested in the KTM market and here to support your customer base - good for you (and us); the world needs more vendors like you. I am heading to Indy MotoGP (on my 2102 990 Adventure R) today, will be placing an order for your intake either one evening while I'm away or as soon as I return on Monday.

I've heard very good things about Bazzaz and used one on a former bike (2009 Yamaha R1) but I've always felt more comfortable with Power Commander - your comments and information help cement that comfort with PC...

Thanks again

Originally Posted by CPRFAB View Post
Okay, here is the straight skinny on that. I just spent quite a bit of time on the phone with a very knowledgeable tech at Dyno Jet (Power Commander) and was able to verify some things we already knew, but wanted official clarification on. Feel free to edit or submit additions of opinion. We have done everything below with great success.

Models Available From Power Commander:

Dyno Jet only lists PC3's from 07-08 and PCV's from 09-11. Here is the skinny. The PCV's DO work on 2012 ADVs. We have everything they make on our 2012 ADV R (Including the LCD, switch and even the quick shifter). It is all the exact same as the 2011. The reason they do not list the 2012's is that they will not list any bike they have not personally had their hands on (good business) and the KTM dealer in Vegas has closed shop. We assured them that not only does their PCV units for 09-11 work just on 2012's, that also the dual wide-band is accepted by the PCV as well as they only list single wide band available for the Auto Tune on KTMs. They claimed that dual channel wide band's necessity for water-cooled engines is debatable as pricing for customers is a factor but admitted that dual wide band is better. They went on to say that single channel is fine for water cooled engines and only really seems to yield a 4% difference between cylinders. Air cooled bikes like Harley need the dual band.

Auto Tune for PCV:

We purchased a new 2012 ADV R purely for testing (As far as the IRS knows) and because of our intakes and plans for offering different configurations of exhausts in the future (See us at the KTM Rally to see them) and the convienience to our customers by offering pre loaded or downloadable maps, we invested in everything Dyno Jet (Power Commander) makes. We feel it is the most common piggy back tuner available and is preferred by most dyno tuners as that is what they are trained in as Dyno Jet also makes the dynometers themselves. The Auto Tune feature gives us the ability to create an unlimited amount of maps for our customers from economy all the way to pure power maps. Although many tuners will tell you that you don't need it, and they are correct in normal circumstances, it is in part because the Auto tune does their jobs for them. Some shops with dynos will never tell you about Auto Tune for that reason and some even use it on the dyno by hooking it up, setting the AFR's and just running your bike. It does exactly what a good tuner does. Just while your on the bike and constantly. An additional benifit with the add on switch and the LCD, is the ability to store a huge number of maps and switch them on the fly. One instance that we use is to install an "economy" base map that is around 14.0 + (Never more than 14.6 according to Dyno Jet) and then set the Auto Tune to a more "power" producing mode using AFR values of around 12.8 to 13.4. This allows us to turn off the Auto Tune on the fly with the switch and then turn it back on (Or load a different map with the LCD computer) and get full power once I get to my destination. This is very cool and works flawlessly. Eventually we will do a step by step article on this set up to take the fear out of it. If you can afford a $15,000.00 dirt bike, you should be smart enough to accomplish this. If not, we are here to help. If you are not worried about changing set ups or don't care to tweak stuff, Auto tune is not necessary, but very, very cool and adjusts to any set up or environment within minutes. We likey that.

Fear of loading maps:

Don't be. Our Tune ECU map for intake and 2-1 exhaust works very well if you have our intake and some sort of exhaust. Many people have thousands of miles on it with great results. It is by far rich enough to be safe and while it may be slightly lean at sea level, it is still way in the safe zone and probably producing in the mid to high 13.6 AFR's. Totally safe as your only in the red at 14.6 +. Download Tune ECU, get the cable ($70 or so) upload and save your stock map somewhere, (ECU / read ECU), open the ADV 990 2011 IN - EX - Tune ECU map, uncheck SAI radio button in the lower left to turn off the SAS FI light, uncheck 2nd throttle if you have removed your secondary butterflies, don't uncheck it if you haven't and load the CPR map. Ride. If it backfires allot, runs hot or glows the header immediately your lean. (But should not be at all)
Another double check, take a screen shot of your stock map values after you have downloaded it (read it from your ECU). After you have uploaded the CPR map ADV 990 2011 IN - EX - Tune ECU map into the ECU, "read" the map again to verify it's was downloaded properly into your ECU and compare it to the stock screen shot values. This give you piece of mind as a newbie to Tune ECU that yoiu have done it correctly.

What to expect:

  • Using our free maps will definitely get you safe and produce good power at a cheap entry.
  • Obtaining a Power Commander or other tuning devise and having your bike tuned on a dyno will be safe and make crisper and smoother power than another map that was made for another bike.
  • Using an Auto Tune is pricey, but will adjust for everything on the fly, is very safe so long as you keep the Auto Tune tables under 14.6 and is infinitely adjustable if your a tweaker and perfect for providing maps.
  • The LCD touch screen addition will allow you to see everything that is going on with the bike which give you great piece of mind, both cylinders individually if you have the dual band, allow you to see what gear your in, store multiple maps to switch on the fly, see your throttle position, RPM, fuel adjustments for that TP and RPM and so on. Super tweaker and perfect for providing maps.
  • The quick shifter is just fun on an ADV. Full throttle up shifts. Yeah.
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