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I keep my license, registration and ins. card all together in my wallet.....along with my concealed weapon permit. I would give all of that to the officer when asked. Cops like organization. The concealed weapon permit tells them that I'm not a criminal/badass, which tends to put them at ease. If I'm carrying a weapon, they might ask me to surrender it, which I'd gladly do. I have gray hair and am usually ATGATT, which tells them I'm a responsible rider on a well maintained bike. All of this makes a subliminal impression. If I wasn't pulled over for doing something really stupid and/or endangering others, chances are I'll get a warning, if that. If I was just speeding, even close to twice the posted limit, depending on the conditions, I might still get off; which is unlikely because my bike won't go twice the posted limit on most highways. However, this approach has worked well for a good friend of mine who is my age, an iron butt rider and who speeds a lot sometimes close to twice the posted limit. He often rides in Utah, Colorado, AZ, and seeks out twisty, curvy stretches of beautiful, lightly traveled highways. My friend often gets stopped, but very rarely get a citation. Of course, there was this one time when he got two warnings in the same state; when he got pulled over the third time, the officer cited him, after checking and finding that he'd received two warnings previously the same day
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