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Originally Posted by levain View Post
Sorry if this has been asked. I searched and came up with a few options, but I'm considering replacing my Garmin Montana with a phone or tablet. Of course, this app is part of the plan. I have a Samsung GS3, but I want a dedicated phone that lives on my bikes. I'll be replacing a Montana.

My single biggest issue, and the reason I don't already use a phone for GPS is the glove friendly issue. Does a phone exist that is usable with gloves? I know I'm asking too much here, but waterproof is a close second...

That Sony Xperia Active looks interesting, and it comes with a little loop on the bottom to attach a lanyard Looks like more than I'd like to pay though, and well, I'll still need to remove my gloves anytime I want to tweak it which is ALL THE FRIGGIN TIME!
I'm using the xperia active and it is just great. Crafty is right, I have the remote for it and use that a lot. But the phone is easy to use as a stand alone and there are a few things that the remote can't do that you need a finger touch for. I have absolutely abused the poor thing and it is no worse for the wear.

I looked at the Galaxy Active and it doesn't look up to the task so I am staying put with the Sony.

When it is pouring rain I'll shut the little access doors to the power and headphone jacks but they've been open plenty of times and gotten soaked.

Mine is the international version, so I don't get 3G or 4G with ATT service, only EDGE (major suck). So it pretty much lives on my bike and I use WiFi for whatever DSM needs I have.

For dirt riding, I have a pair of gloves that I've snipped the end off of the index finger and that works. For real gloves, you'd probably have to put some conductive thread in a fingertip or something like that. I haven't tried it.

The lanyard is great but not really needed on the bike.
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