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I've been pulled over twice in recent years. Both times riding a MZ 660 Supermoto. The first time I was drag racing a chevy in Front Royal VA. About the time I hit 3rd gear I saw the blue flashing lights. I immediately pulled over, got off the bike and removed my helmet. He rolled up, got out and walked up to me. He asked if I was racing and I said;" This is a freakin' dirtbike, man..."

He looked it over walked away without a word. I have grey hair too, but I think the dirtbike look of a supermoto helped. I had that chevy smoked, though.

The second time I was on the twisties in New Hampshire. I had just passed a group of Harleys and was hooking along working the top two gears. I crested a hill that dropped down a long straight to a little berg. I rolled off and enjoyed the sweet sound of my M4 exhaust belching great music as the bike came down from speed with the throttle closed.

About half way down that hill the blue lights came on and I pulled over at the bottom entering the town. I gave him the "dirtbike" routine too. He bought it but then ran my plate, which was expired Washington DC. I tried to explain about a mixup, but he called his tow truck buddy...

The tow truck shows up and loaded me. The cop tells me to pay him and tells him to drop me at the Mass border. 45 minutes and $100 cash later I was back on a MA road on my way home.

I loved that big thumper. It had a piston the size of a coffee can and was good for a 12 second quarter mile.
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