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Originally Posted by Dave in Wi View Post
I used to think that way too, but as I've gotten older (more mature? Softer? Less hardcore about riding?) my philosophy on this has changed. If you've got a lot of ground to cover to get to an area you want to ride , why not trailer there? There's nothing wrong with that.

I've done 2 trips like this in the last few years. One was with my dad who really wanted to ride the Dragon, but as he's in his late 70s and not completely healthy, there was no way he was going to ride there. I rented a trailer and we spent 3 days riding the area. Another time my family and I were invited to a wedding in Manitou Springs CO. So I trailered my bike out. I really enjoyed driving across Nebraska, talking with the wife & kids, listening to music, and precisely adjusting the a/c along the way. Would have been a boring ride there. Once we got there I was fresh and really felt like riding, and had a great time.

So depending g on the kind of trip you have in mind, I wouldn't dismiss this entirely.
I think you're right. I don't know why I have this mental issue with trailering. I suppose that's a whole thread of it's own.

After reading everyone's thoughts I believe I need to adjust my thinking about these trips. Looking forward to the next year and the trips I've been thinking about doing, I need to get out of the "one-size fits all" mode.

Any trip I take, I've got a 110 miles of desert to get through before I hit anything interesting. Unless I loop around Lake Mead and the Grand Canyon, that is. Which I suppose, is not that crazy of an idea...

So I think I'm going to be using the truck to get to better places to ride during the hot summer months, and when my destination is a long way away. And when the weather is better, I'll try to slow down and enjoy the ride more, take more stops and plan less distance each day. Sort of scale down my trips to try to enjoy the ride more.

Mainly I need to get over the "GOGOGOGOGO" mentality. The one that whispers in my head "I can't pull over now because I just passed all those cars and I'll just have to pass them again if I stop." That voice is sucking the fun out of these trips.
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