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Originally Posted by PeteN95 View Post
No, it gets pulled by the carb linkage as the throttle opens and it gets pulled back by the grip as it closes. There are push/pull cables, like the Bowden cable shifters, but these are pure pull. Other wise you would need two of them!
My cables are adjusted so that there is a little slack in the cables. That helps prevent binding and herky-jerky throttle response (especially on my 950). Twisting the throttle open reduces the slack to zero in the 'pull' cable, increasing it on the 'push' cable. Therefore the throttle tube is pushing the 'push' cable before the carburetor linkage is pulling it. During throttle closure, the spring on the carburetor still keeps the tension on the 'pull' cable, so there is still excess slack in the 'push' cable, thereby the carburetor linkage pushes the cable back to the throttle tube. If something hangs up on the 'pull' cable or carburetor, that's when the 'push' cable becomes a pull cable when closing the throttle.

So mine ARE push/pull. But I'm not the only one calling them this.

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