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Day #2 - Blythe to Sedona.....

So we pop up quickly in the morning so we can beat the heat and start getting up into higher altitude which should cool things off. Bags are packed and out the door we go.

Once we push open the hotel door we quickly realize our early departure doesn't mean a damn thing as were already getting accosted by 90+ degree heat at 5 in the morning.


At that point I just figured I might as well get the ECV vest on now and just pin the throttle and get the heck out of the dez as fast as possible.

So off we go and things are clicking right along and we pull into out first gas station even though we've only done 70 miles because the GPS is telling me there is a long gap until the next gas station and I don't want to run out of gas in 100 degree heat in the middle of nowhere.

Go to unlock the gas cap and..... No keys....

WTH??? I just had the keys when I took off this morning. Where the heck are they?

I'm digging around and after a few futile minutes I get annoyed and ask mama where the spare keys are. In her small purse thing she has which is locked in the side saddle bag.


I can't fill gas since I can't get the gas door open without the keys and the spare is locked on the bike.

The Mrs calls the hotel to see if we left them there and LUCKILY some nice person found them on the ground in the parking lot and turned them in.


Now all I have to do is go back 61 miles (122 round trip) to go get the keys.

Except for one problem. I was pinning it the whole way and my gas gauge is hovering just over the middle point.


So now I have 2 options... break the side saddle bag lock with a screwdriver or take a risk and try to motor back to Blythe to get the spare keys.

I went with option 2 but quickly realized that taking mama back with me on this ride for another 122 miles in 100+ degree heat wasn't going to make for a happy time.

The place we stopped at is in the middle of BFE. Pretty much a sad place with nothing going on and maybe 50 people in the entire town (well technically it was a trailer park town). I didn't have any other options but to leave my wife there in the shade with some water and get to pounding miles to go back and get the keys.

Normally I wouldn't be to keen on leaving my little tiny wife in the middle of nowhere but we have traveled all over the place together and she can take care of herself just fine. We've lived in Central America for 6 months at a time before and been all over Brazil, Peru, Panama, Mexico etc... She's a trooper!

So I give her the water and off I go... Throttle pinned trying to get back as fast as possible because I still wanted to make it to Sedona and I needed to get back quick because I still didn't like leaving her alone in BFE. Seriously this town looked like it was out of some horror movie. It was somewhere on the 60 and I felt like I was leaving her to star in some "Saw" movie that was not going to end well.

Anyhoo... Off I went.. Banging miles back to Blythe and cooking myself to death in the rising heat that was probably tipping around 107 by this point. FUN FUN FUN!

So I'm about 20 miles out from Blythe and the gas light has been on for awhile. I'm watching the gas gauge plummet quickly and I realize that this gas gauge sucks! Apparently it likes to say its full for a long time and once it gets below 3/4 tank it drops as fast as the stock markets did in 2006.

I'm starting to get nervous now. 20 miles out. The needle is already hovering over the E symbol, it's 107 and I have no water. Left it with her.

Getting stuck in the middle of the Anza desert, in 107 degree heat, in leathers, was not going to be fun.

Long story short I made it back on fumes, got the keys, and filled up the gastank with 5.2 gallons of gas. 2007 UCEG has a 5 gallon capacity. I must have been on fumes the last few miles.

Fun 122 mile detour:

Flip a bitch on the 10 and back I go....

Get back to where the Mrs is and she's not there. Check my phone and she apparently got a ride from some nice lady to a diner down the road and she had a nice breakfast in an air conditioned place the entire time. Told you she would take care of herself. Sad part was the lady who gave her a ride was on a long trip with her husband and he died and now she was stuck in this tiny trailer town until she could find someone or someway to get her big truck and trailer home because she couldn't handle driving it all the way back to Michigan. Hope she figured it out and made it home!! THANK YOU for giving my wife a ride to AC/Food! You're the best!!

So then I go to fill up so we can continue on with a full tank and I go to reach for my CC and..... nada...

WTH??? Start checking all my pockets, wallet and windshield bags and nada.

SOAB did I really just lose my CC on day 2 of a 30+ day trip? YUP.

At this point I'm already wound up like the Tazmanian devil on cocaine and my wife is just trying to stay away from me in case I explode. I give her credit for realizing when I'm about to lose it and she keeps her distance. Smart woman!

So luckily I have my debit card still and a business card to fall back on (which get into issues too later on this trip...) so we can carry on.

Get back on the bike and pound the rest of the way to Sedona. 270+ miles in 100+ degree heat for her and 400 miles of 100+ degree heat for me.

Route for the day -122 mile detour:

We get to Sedona and we're beat down from the heat and the days BS. Finally make our way to Junipine Resort and try to check in but they weren't ready yet (a theme we ran into all along this trip as we always were leaving around 5 to beat the mid day heat everywhere). It was still probably 95 in Sedona so all we wanted to do was get out of the heat before one of us keeled over and passed out from heat exhaustion.

Mother nature came to the rescue and there was a stream behind the resort so we hauled down there, grumbling and snapping at anyone who got in our way, and stripped down and dived in the river.

THANK YOU RIVER GODS!!! 45 degree mountain water was a miracle blessing!

So that was day 2 and at this point I'm wondering WTH we got ourselves into especially with many many more days of dez riding to go until we finally got up into the mountains. BAD time of the year to ride through these areas especially with a major heat wave all over the southwest US.

Oh well. Mom never raised me to be a quitter so on we'll plow.

Pics for Day 2:

First glimpses of Sedona:

Coming into town:

Past town heading to Junipine Resort:

Me in the stream. Yes I'm flexing the abs and yes I'm sucking it in. Trying to make a good first impression right???? I'm friggen 38. F it! I'm in Sedona and not on the bike in 100+ degree heat!

Day two down.... 460 miles in the rear view mirror with 5,540 to go...

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