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Thanks for the report!
I can so identify with the lost credit card & keys, been there, done that, didn't get the t-shirt...couldn't pay for it because I lost the credit card, remember?
What I finally trained myself to do is develop a ritual when riding. Keys ALWAYS go back in this pocket, CC goes immediately back in the wallet after taken from the gas pump, wallet immediately goes back in the same pocket every time, removed gloves are always put by speedo so I don't ride off and leave them (a buddy lost 3 pair of gloves between WA and Sturgis one year), sunglasses go in shirt pocket, etc., etc. I am incredibly unfocused in the best of circumstances, made worse by the giddiness The Road, so I HAVE to develop habits to have any hope of survival. Plus I've found stash places on the bike for spare keys, etc.
Now, on with the ride!
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