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I've gone over the border a few times in my past, but there was a (roughly) 15yr gap that held me up at the Stanhope border crossing just south of Coaticook, QC. I just loved the look on the face of the border guard when I said 15yrs.. It went from a smile to dead serious in about half a second! "And why is that sir? Have any prison history? Prior offences?". "No sir, just didn't travel this way for quite some time!" He went into his office, and about 10 mins later came back and said all is OK, and to have a nice ride.

Of course, since I was contracted to do some computer work at the Plattsburg, VT border crossing, I've never had any problems at all I even got some heartfelt thanks from the guard when I zipped by on my TLR during the summer months!
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