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Originally Posted by EOD3MC View Post
My first “dirt bike” resulted from a bit of miscommunication between my parents and me. I was 8 or 9 and my birthday was coming up. I was begging my parents for a “Dirt Bike”. We lived in rural western New York and my friends and I had all kinds of trails through the woods around the neighborhood. I had a 10 speed bike and they all had Huffy BMX bikes. Trying to keep up with them on the trails was a bitch. I was just asking for a BMX so I could ride with my friends.
A few weeks before my birthday, my parents starting acting suspicious. They would stop talking when I came into a room. They kept taking the want ad sections from the paper. So the weekend before my birthday, they ask me if I wanted to go get my dirt bike. Hell Yeah…
So we loaded up in the car and were off. On the way, my mom tells me that we are going to take a look at one this family has…I’m thinking really a used bicycle and my spirit about this trip faded a bit. As we kept driving, she then tells me the girl we are going to meet hasn’t ridden it much. WHAT? It’s a girl’s bike too…what did I do to deserve this? This can’t possibly go good…
So we get to the house, go to the front door and meet the girl…I remember think she’s old (she must have been 17 or 18). She tells us the bike is in the garage and to go ahead in, she’ll be right out. So we do. I’m looking all over the place for this powder puff pink bicycle…don’t see one anywhere.
When she comes out she asks me what I thought about it…I asked where is it? parents are about ready to bust up laughing…she tell me I’m leaning on it. That’s not a dirt bike…that’s a motorcycle..wait…this is it… oh Sweet!!!
We made arrangements for her and her dad to bring the bike to our house in a couple days…I couldn’t wait.

When they showed up a couple days later we unloaded it and she started telling me all about the bike. My dad had never ridden bikes so this would be all the information I got and I soaked it up like a sponge.
We lived next to a small business that had a gravel parking lot, so she had me get on the bike behind her and watch what she did as we rode a few circles… I was so focused on her every action clutch, brake, shift throttle, I never noticed my hands had shifted up from her waist when we hit a couple potholes in the parking lot. When we pulled up in front of the dads they were just laughing their asses off. As soon as we stopped, she reached up and removed my hands from her chest… I was mortified and turned at least 4 shades of red.
By the next weekend I was tearing up the field behind the house and hitting jumps….Been riding ever since
Not my bike, but this model: Suzuki TS-50
Your story is a shit ton better than mine. And sure, that Greg Brady move was by "accident" ;-)
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