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Day #3 - Touring Sedona & other debaucles.....

So originally we weren't planning on leaving home until Monday the 15th but last second I figured why the heck not leave on Sat morning and get 2 extra days in Sedona to chill. I was over San Diego and needed a break so let's do it.

I won't go into all the restaurants, bars, touristy crap we did but I will post a couple pics and cover a couple interesting adventures.

1st adventure was me realizing that I did not have any cell coverage at the Junipine Resort and I need to be working while I travel. I have my work phone forwarded to my cell which is bluetoothed into my helmet. This way I can take work calls, get voicemails etc.. I have all of my work emails forwarded to my phone so I can handle those too. I can hear the email beep in my helmet so I know when emails come across.

So I figure I need to remedy this fast because I'm going to be here 5 days and I assume I'm going to have cell coverage issues at other places along the way.

So I ask a guy at the gas station what would be the closest town that would have somewhere to get a cell phone booster and he said there was a Verizon store in Cottonwood. Haul there and no go. They tell that they think there is a Best Buy in Prescott Valley AZ.

In my mind I've already gone 30 miles to get here and now I have to do another 30 to get back.... Cottonwood to Prescott was another 32 miles back SW so now I'm looking at a 120 mile round trip for this charger... Ugh... Keep in mind it's still 95+ degrees.

Well not much choice so I head out and start banging miles.

Well... I guess he added a "Valley" to the city because I get to Prescott Valley and drive all around looking for the Best Buy and no go. Find out it's in Prescott not Prescott Valley.

DOH!! AT&T!!

So now off to Prescott. Only 10 more miles! What's 10 more miles by this point huh?

Get to Prescott and I find the Best Buy and get the booster. Haul out of there and on the way back I cruise through an old hippie town name Jerome. Kind of run down but it has that laid back/hippie vibe. Nice view over the Valley too and the 87 going through Jerome is NICE! Super twisty and nice views along the entire way.

Long story short I make it back to Junipine resort and I plug the booster in and it doesn't do anything. Piece of crap has to have a crappy signal to amplify or it doesn't work and we had ZERO signal there. A literal dead zone. $100 down the drain.

So today was another 175 mile detour to tack on top of the 122 mile detour debacle in Blythe. I'm adding miles to the trip but they are not going in the right direction!!!

Day #4.....

I'm friggen beat down the following morning and am looking forward to chilling by the river and putting down a few beers. My wife on the other hand is starting to get grumpy because she normally works out 5 days a week and she wants to go get some exercise.

We find out that there is a trail that runs behind the resort that is a decent length and she asks me if I think it's fine for her to go alone.

I think quickly about the area and can't think of any reason why not. Like I said before we have traveled all over and she routinely went on long walks by herself in 3rd world countries in Latin America.

Go for it I say... I'm going to enjoy my coffee and figure out the plans for the day.

Well.... Let's just put it this way. I still wasnt thinking correctly and I just sent a city slicker girl off into the wilderness.

She takes off and throws her ipod in and off she jams.

She made it back ok and we go do some sightseeing BS, drink a bit and then call it a day.

The reason why I write this is on Day #4 we decide to do the same hike she did so she can show me what she saw. As we're going I'm doing all the things I know what to do when hiking through the wilderness like talking, singing, clapping hands from time to time to let the "locals" know we were around.

My wife is looking at me like I'm a retard and I explain why. She gets it and then comments on how it probably wasn't smart for her to be wearing an Ipod while she was hiking yesterday and how she kept having an uneasy feeling the whole time.

Well low and behold later that day I'm stomping down a trail and almost walk right onto one of our "local friends". Luckily he heard us coming so he gave a warning rattle when I was about 4-5 feet away but he was coiled, right in the middle of the path, and ready to throw down with some rattle love. I don't think I'll have to worry about mama hiking with the Ipod in anymore.

So on this hike we read that it was a moderate stroll. Well I think we missed a turn or didn't read the trail map right because next thing I know we are going up a vertical climb with switch back after switchback after switchback. 39 total switchbacks that kicked our asses.

About 2/3rds of the way she was ready to call it and go back but once I start something I won't give up especially with the peak almost in sight. At this point she is definitely thinking

Up, up, up, up we go. Legs are burning, back is locked up, we've drank over 2/3rds of the 100 oz camelback I brought, no food (which I later found out was the reason why we were so jacked up for days because our body started attacking our muscles for nutrients) lungs are screaming for air since we are at 6,500-7,000 feet now (we live at 100 feet of elevation) and we're still not making it to the top.

At this point it starts.... We're both hot, tired, exhausted and getting pissy with each other but we won't give up!

About 8/10ths of the way up we meet the only other people on this mountain coming down. Two people from North Dakota who were in their low 20's just skipping and bouncing their way down the trail all happy. We stopped and talked to them awhile and then continued on our way with assurance from them that we were almost there.


I'm sure they were just trying to be nice but we were really hoping to be close to the top.

Anyhoo a dozen + more switchbacks and we made it! What a view and worth the hike. We started at the very bottom of the valley and several hours later we made it. Approximately 3,000-3,500 vertical feet up and a round trip of 8-9 miles.

As all of you know who have taken pics of scenic places a picture will never do this justice but I'll put it up anyway.

P.S. Here was my hiking attire. Who's Awesome? I'm Awesome!!!

Lastly a couple pics of the scenery around Sedona:

Mama on the back....

View from Airport Road.

Butte's from around town:

So were here for a couple more days and nothing exciting happens beyond eating some rattlesnake and consuming too many local beers and prickly pear margaritas. Did the typical BS at slide rock and what not around town. Fun city but after 5 days it was time to start putting some miles on this bike.

I told you all I was easing my wife in!!!

Hope she enjoyed it while it lasted because everything is about to start going into fast forward.

We've been on the "road" for 7 days now and we've made it 480 miles of 6000 total.

Bodes well that 25% of the days are gone and we have made it 8% of the way!

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