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I don't understand all this "just point your wheel" thing, unless taking a very short trip with a single destination. How can you hit all the great roads and scenic spots along the way? I plan my routes as detailed as possible, but don't set a certain mileage for every day. On my last trip it varied between 170 and 950 miles. Everyone hates slabbing, but it is unavoidable. This is a big country. Taking smaller roads works well west of St. Louis, the east is too densely populated to make a good time.
I also went to Yellowstone and I think it was worth the trip. The traffic wasn't fast- all national park s have low speed limits, but it was moving. On the bike it was easier to pass the tourists stopping in the roadway to take pictures and to find a spot on busy parking lots near major attractions. Walking the trails in Gortex pants and boots was the biggest inconvenience.
Overall I had a great trip, I doubt if I'll ever do anything better. Careful planning and slabbing when necessary was essential.
This was the route I took
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