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Originally Posted by RoadHD View Post
Looking forward to reading more and seeing some pict's from Sturgis.

BTW - you can totally trail ride a cruiser, even fully loaded.... Sure, it may take a bit longer, but there's nothing really stopping you.

I completely understand what you're saying but when I say trails I'm talking about very steep/cross rutted/rocky/boulders everywhere type stuff... The type of trails that even on the KTM1190R I would be having serious trouble on. I could do them on my 330 lb XR650R but no way in HELL a harley would even make it up the first 50 feet. Atleast not on a UCEG unless you wanted $1,000's of dollars in paint/part repairs when you laid it down.

And who wants to dead lift a 1,000 lb beast on a 35-45 degree dirt trail?

Graded fire roads, gravel roads etc... the harley can make. We've seen the threads of guys going to Patagonia and Alaska on harleys but they're still not trails type of bikes.

I'm talking about real tight trails and a ton of singletrack that had me DROOLING with envy as I saw 450's and 250's ripping it up. I passed some guys in Ourey getting ready for the Colorado 500 and all I wanted to do was ask if I could borrow one of their bikes for 2-3 hours just to blast some hills and rip it up.

I'm not a huge fan of street riding. Point straight, turn throttle and follow a guided/paved path. ZZZZzzzzz.....

I want adventure and unlimited choices depending on where my mind/body/soul want to take me. Hence why I love riding in Mexico so much. Viva Mexico!!!

Sorry... Just my thing. To each their own....

I do have to say that I did see some die hard BMW1200 guys out there giving it a whirl without much luck. Props for trying though!!!

You never know until you try!!
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