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So I might be cheating with these next pictures since technically they didn't have anything to do with riding a motorcycle. They were part of the whole trip experience and the main reason for taking leave. 3 families... 5 adults and 6 children... 5 little girls ages 7 - 3... 5 days and 4 nights on Flagstaff lake in a remote location. My younger brother and his 3 children, one of our best couple friends and their 2 children, and my wife and I and our daughter with 3 canoes, coolers full of food, and no cell phone reception. It was such a relaxing time that no one wanted to leave but we had a family gathering to get to. I have photos of other places that I've visited while traveling in trip but I'm not going to be able to get to those until I get home in a week so I'll share these out of order.

Some of the beautiful scenery that we were enjoying at the lake. Only one day with a bit of rain off and on throughout the day and one day with a little wind. The other days were beautiful sunny days. We were out on one of the more remote campsites that had a couple of beaches for the kids to play on.

My turn to pull lifeguard duty. Look at that beard! 3 weeks of no shaving! What will the 1SG say to that I wonder?

My friend posted this when she shared this photo; "This is blurry...but it sums up perfection. Good food, friends, fire and laughs ."
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