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Originally Posted by Speedo66 View Post
Key phrase there is using them for work. If they ever ask, never say you carry for self defense, that's a sure way to earn an arrest or desk appearance ticket.

NYC code also does not allow for knives to be visible. Cops will arrest or ticket for even the pocket clip showing. They also will do the same for a knife that they can open with the application of centrifugal force. They can usually take a loose lock back like a Spyderco and flick their wrist to open it. Now you're charged with possession of a gravity knife, that's serious.

I got stopped for having the clip and butt of the knife poking out of my back pocket. I'm not sure I want to think about why the cop was looking at my butt...
I was honest with the officer, and he was honest and respectful to me. He gave me the lowest infraction he could think of, since I was being so polite. I think I had a court appearance and a $25 fine.
And I used to snap open my Spyderco one-handed all the time. Loved the sound it made!
Nowadays I just carry a swept-hilt rapier and main gauche.
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