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Is there anything better than heading off in to the wild to go and relax for a few days? With no cell phone reception I couldn't be bothered about work, or any other issue going on. Before I began to venture to Maine I took off my watch. I decided that I was going to relax and not worry about a schedule and so far it has paid off. I eat when I'm hungry, sleep when I'm tired, and visit with friends until they or I am tired of visiting. I laughed so hard when childhood memories were brought up or when my brother's 12 year old stepson did dumb stuff (or any of us for that matter).

It seemed like the kids were in the water more than out of it. The shallow parts of the lake were fairly warm but if you got into the deeper parts it cooled off quickly. We ate great food including a breakfast sandwich consisting of a hamburger, fried egg, and bacon in a bagel. We also ate fried chicken, hobo stew (tinfoil dinner), and ran out and got some pizza when we decided to stay an extra night. We made smores every night. The only time that the fire wasn't going was after we all went to sleep. We had to do a bit of searching to find good fire wood and definitely suffered the consequences of Maine's wet summer. The last night there we made a decent bonfire with the remaining wood that wasn't still green or damp. It was nice being out with people who are experienced with the outdoors. Everyone assumed a duty and chores were shared almost seamlessly.

I love the simple life.
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