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Originally Posted by Motopsychoman View Post
Glad it wasn't more serious. Maybe buy some gas drier (methanol) when you hit a town (Stewart or somewhere with a gas station). Keep a bottle with you until you get home then drain the tank.
The mechanic gave me some gas line antifreeze and said add a tablespoon or so per tank, then drain, like you say. No problems so far....

At one point I did get some gas that was a bit on the green side, and it didn't smell all that well......gassy....more of a sweet solvent smell, but not diesel like.... I double checked the pump and it definitely said gas, and it seemed to burn just fine. That was before I even hit the dempster, so I feel very lucky indeed!

I knew I had spark, had air, but no fuel was reaching the cylinder....A whole bunch of cranking and a shot of ether spray to the air cleaner was all it took. and of course money, but at least I got a good lesson on carb diagnostics, and what to do if I'm not getting fuel flow...So is a can of ether to go on the equipment list?? Dangerous stuff!!
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