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My routine is pull over in a safe location that lends itself to relaxed conversation, bike engine off, helmet and gloves off. I remove my earplugs so I can hear and not misinterpret any instructions from him. Always wait until he gets to me and tell him before I search through pockets or tankbag for license, registration etc.

I wrote an article on this topic for a motorcycle magazine a couple years ago. In doing the research I talked to several police agencies across the country and got conflicting opinions. For example, some don't want the helmet taken off as they feel it could be a potential weapon by swinging it at the officer. My feeling is by the time I could swing a Shoei Neotec he could drive to the next county for backup. Maybe its possible to swing one of those eggshell beanies but it would probably shatter on impact. I'd rather have my helmet off to get the earplugs removed to hear. Another odd response I got was some felt it better to instruct the rider to dismount off the right side of the bike. This alone could be a challenge for some newer riders.

Grey hair, respect, and manners are all great advice.
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