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I knew I wanted a motorized bike from a very early age. After endless pestering my dad came home with a 3 HP mini-bike in the back of his truck. It had lights, disk brakes, front and rear suspension, chrome fenders and tank and the frame was painted metal flake lime green. It had the usual centrifical clutch that drove a second clutch so it kicked into a second gear at about 15mph. I've never seen another mini-bike like it since. This was about 1970.

After about 6 mos. or so Dad comes home with a 5 HP motor and proceeds to shoehorn it into the bike. The spark plug only cleared the metal tank by about a quarter inch. I was afraid the spark would jump up to the tank and explode on me. That mini-bike would probably hit 60 MPH if it was on a long straight rode. It scared the crap out of me after the motor swap.

About a year later Dad and I were walking around the local flea market and spotted a guy selling a nearly new green Honda QA50. I fell in love with it and convinced Dad who talked the seller into an even trade. I rode the snot outta that QA50 for a couple years then sold it and bought a Yamaha Mini-Enduro 80cc. That's the bike that I learned to use a clutch and real gears on. I ended up selling it back to the buddy I bought it from.

After my parents divorced Mom was dating a fellow that had a used car lot. I had been saving some money and when he told Mom there was an old Yamaha street bike on his lot taking up space I bought it cheap. I wish I could remember the exact model but it was a 250 2 stroke with the oil injection. It smoked like crazy when you really got on the throttle. It was a quick bike and the Honda CB350's of the day couldn't keep up with it.

I rode it all over South Ft.Worth and in particular, Benbrook Lake. It was a great way to meet girls. Man those were the days. Endless summers...
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