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You start yelling, "Why you pigs hassling me, man". That always keeps things interesting.

True story. Years ago, Monterey, CA, I'm riding with "Club Cafe of the Monterey Peninsula", really, no joke. About 7 of us, I'm in the back. We're coming down a main road, and the light changes as the lead guy is getting to it (he's on an obnoxiously loud BMW toaster tank), and of course, the rest of us blow through the light. And get pulled by Monterey PD. Well, BMW guh jumps off, and immediately starts in with the "Why you pigs always hassling us....". Checks our IDs, and big mouth toaster guy gets a ticket for noise, blowing the light, no turn signals and everything else he could find. The rest of us got let off.

Actually, don't say that to them, it really pisses some of them off.
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