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Strud Nash, the owner of Polar Bear Coolers is THE FUCKING MAN.

Couple years back I bought 3 or 4 of the 12 packs and 24 packs, mostly as gifts and because when I let someone borrow one I usually don't get it back!

Then I see on ADV that hey, the silver ones have these cool D rings so you can strap em down to the bike and still access the top. Well, I want some D rings too, so I call em up and order a pair in silver.

Turns out the new silver ones did not have D rings so they sent me some mossy oak ones that did. Well, I do not want mossy oak so I call em up and ask if there will be any new ones coming in, they were unsure but checked the entire warehouse for any older ones for me.

So I wait patiently with the box with the mossy oak coolers in the closet for nearly a year until I start cleaning the place out again and realize I still had em.

I shoot Strud a message and ask again about the silver ones with D rings, and also offer a suggestion to make the new ones roll top IE like a dry bag. He says that's a great idea and he's back to the drawing board for a new series. Can't wait

Well now I am about to take off to the middle of the desert, so I ask if I can exchange my new, sealed and still in the package mossy oak 24 packs for a single 48 pack.

Sure, no problem.

Today in the mail I end up getting two 12 packs instead of the single 48.

Someone screwed up in the shipping department, no worries, people make mistakes.

Because of the first mistake Strud even threw in a bunch of ice packs, AWESOME!

But I need to be on the road in a few days, so I shoot Strud an e-mail and ask if there is a place in the NYC area where I can go and buy another 48 pack cooler or if there is a place along I-80 between NYC and Nevada I can stop in to purchase one.

2 minutes later I get a reply from the owner, on a Saturday afternoon no less, with an employee CC'd to the email which stated.

Hey, get Eddie what he needs and make sure it gets to him by Wednesday.

So, Strud, YOU FUCKING ROCK!!!!!!

And to prove he is truly ADV, check this out.

I also talked a few guys who are coming to the desert with me into picking up a few for themselves. They think they are truly awesome too.

Did I mention Strud rocks?
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