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Cyber-illiterate though I may be (can't WINDOW Windows7), I'll try to make a tag post. Looks like it's gonna take lots of edits, at my current level of incompetence!

Epic day; gourmet breakfast at the prestigious Warrenton Moose Lodge; then Ali said he wanted to visit again the National Marine Corps Museum (you've seen its spire off I95 at Triangle, approximating the angle of the Iwo Jima image flagstaff), where inmate turtleman posed the alligator by his namesake, the "alligator" amphibious tractor, invading a south Pacific Island:

"Someone better pick up those bandoliers," said Ali, "Bet they're gonna come in handy!":

Moving right along, we went to another repository of militariana:

"Make my day!", said Ali:

Inmate turtleman won a lottery for an opportunity to ride in a M113 APC (armored personnel carrier), the combat limousine for many wars and for many countries' armed forces:

"With all these armored vehicles, I'll stand behind this good ol' artillery piece," said Ali:

Where is Ali?

Road clue: Would be named, "Yemen Road," if named today. The road shares its name with that of a former British crown colony; the municipality was the capital of the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen until that country's unification with the Yemen Arab Republic. The USS Cole was attacked in its harbor; a Gulf is also so-named. Fighting, in 1967, in the Crater district of the then-colony, became known as the "Last Battle of the British Empire."

Text clue: Bob Hope entertained Americans in Wartime.

Remove the letter, "h," from the first word in his theme song title, and you'll get an idea of the sentiment where Ali now rests.

Oh, the tracked vehicles Ali played on will probably have been evacuated when you visit the site; the towed artillery field piece, however, should still be in place, near the flagpole.


UPDATE: SteelB12 solved the location immediately; however, his current location (England) frustrates his grabbing ability!

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