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I watched the first motos, and the track looked better on tv than I thought it would, actually, it looked pretty good. But to me, the thing that really stuck out was, there were no spectators along the edges of the track. They were all way off in distant grand stands. To me , part of what makes motocross great is being able to stand along the fences and being right on top of the action were the riders can actually see and hear you cheering them on.

Me, I'm hopelessly old school, but I was open minded going into this round. But after watching the first motos, I have to say that I was not swayed in favor of this new track. I just don't see were it has a place on the national circuit. It just isn't compatable with what I think is the spirit of motocross, and to me, that is racing over natural terrain. There are too many real motocross tracks around the country that would love to have a date on the schedule, to have to put this collection of dirt piles together and calling it a motocross track. It would be much more at home on the SX circuit.
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