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Originally Posted by 8gv View Post
Half way to the ferry I took a campsite at the Oceanview Campground in Pocologan, NB. The owner told me some campers were going to shoot off some fireworks this evening. I said "cool" and wandered the 200' (unknown meters) down to the seafood restaurant to dine on chowder and haddock.

On my way back the fireworks, non professional type, we're going full bore. I said to myself "".

I arrived at my site just in time to see a roman candle tip over and start blasting my car.


One went under my engine and gave my car the appearance of having a neon undercarriage.


The next three were direct hits that bounced off my fender and grill.


The guy's wife was ripping him a new one as this was happening. Hearing that kind of made me feel at home

So the guy comes over to apologize and said "Once it fell over I couldn't stop it"
I suggested that it works like a grende with the closest soldier (him) jumping on it to save his fellow soldiers (my car).

He asked if there was any damage and I told him I wasn't going to look. The car is new. Most of us have a ding or two from shopping carts. They make for boring stories.

In the morning, if my car is no longer perfect:
1) I'll have a story to tell.
2) New car paranoia ends.
3) It's still ORANGE so I doubt anyone can see details beyond that.

Beauty eh?
The adventure begins! I like your philosophy in dealing with the Canadian rocket attack.
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