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Originally Posted by withiam View Post
I'm going to say Miller put as much as they could into a new, unproven track so fans in the region might be able to experience a national event. Not all venues are the same but going to a national is fun. It is a carnival atmosphere with more to take in other than a race.

The reviews of the track from the racers were mixed with some hating to some thinking it was just okay. Osborne embraces a facility such as Miller with hard pits and a nice facility. Nicolletti hates the place. RV and ET were able to take a lemon and make lemonade. Even Mookie made the best of it.

Didn't see Peick complaining. For the underdogs he was the star of the show.
I would rather have been at that race instead of being home watching it on the DVR. Tony Alessi would agree.
the clips I saw of NBC highlights didn't look all that bad. I'm not in favor of a man made track but I am in favor of a facility with amenities. Can't imagine how they can draw in a place as in the middle of nowhere as Utah. They ought to put a fence around that state and keep all those wierdo's confined and not allow normal people in. what a strange bunch of people and vibe if I never got back to Utah it will be too soon.
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