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Day #7 - Sedona to South Rim Grand Canyon to Marble Canyon

Wake up early Saturday morning itching to get moving. Sedona = fun but ready to roll as I'm getting bored.

We came into Sedona on the 87 freeway and we followed that north towards the GC. Fun, twisty road through a mountain pass with nice scenery.

The ride was pretty uneventful except our first encounter with a nomadic monsoon that we played cat and mouse with for hours on the way to the GC. It would be on our left and then our road would spin around it and then the wind would change and it would blow right at us and then the road would turn and we'd go around it again. This continued for a loooong time and we were just waiting to get into our first downpour monsoon but it just didn't happen. Some light misting but we never got right in the middle of it where the rain was DUMPING and lighting was firing. Weird storms where it's just a mile wide black cloud dropping a spire of water on everything it goes over. Super intense but super small storms.


The ride to the GC was basically pounding somewhat scenic roads on your way to the GC and the road eventually turns into the desert and then it's just pin it and go.

I guess a lot of the land in the area is owned by the Navajo Indians and we even saw an old man who was one of the original windtalkers from WWII. A windtalker is the native navajo indians who created a coded language to use for communication in WWII. The Axis couldn't break the code because they didn't have access to anyone who spoke navajo. Our ability to crack their codes, and their inability to crack ours, was a major reason why the Allies won the war.


We arrive at the south rim and we had about 2 hours until we had to move on to the next destination at Marble Canyon.

Went out on a few of the viewpoints and OMG is the canyon impressive. I've only flown over it so to see the grandeur of this place in person was insane.

Snapped a couple pics and then jammed on to meet our appointment at 12:00. As usual the pics do no justice to this place.

Pics of GC from South Rim:

Me with a nice view and a nice drop:

Mama and the view:

The GC in all its magnificence:


to be continued....

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