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Day #7 Continued....

So at this point we've snapped a few pics and we're on our way to the El Tovar hotel to drop off our bags. The bellhop is nice enough to store them for us and off we go.

We arrive at lot D and Betty Price is already waiting for us in the backcountry parking area. We quickly lock up the bike, cover it for bad weather and jump in her ride.

Betty is a nice lady who gave us a nice countryside tour on our way to Marble Canyon. Beautiful canyon scenery along the way that was quite impressive.

I do have to say the 87 turns to crap once you head North of the GC main road entrance to the south rim. Betty told us that the road was paved across unstable ground that rises and sinks all the time so the road out was like a mini roller coaster of a ride. The whole time Betty is tinkering with the radio, the water bottle, etc...

To back track.... When we first saw Betty she was about 60-65 years old, had a cane, and was barely moving along. Turns out she had messed up her back when she was doing a side job and slipped carrying a bunch of food. True to her word of picking us up she still came to get us even though she was in a bit of pain. Tough woman!

So I guess Betty has been doing this "shuttling" for awhile and she is hauling arse to Marble Canyon pointing out all the sites and telling us the story of the area. Nice lady and can't recommend her any more highly if you are in the area and need a ride somewhere around the grand canyon or marble canyon. She's been in the area for a long time and most people know her. She basically gave us a guided tour of the area for free along the way and even took us down to our starting point tomorrow before dropping us off.

Anyway.... She showed us some Rock formations that formed from huge boulders falling from the top of the canyon that impact the ground when they land. Over time the wind/water erodes the impacted dirt under the stones and you end up with these formations. Kind of cool....

So she gets us to the Marble Canyon Lodge in one piece and we pay her and off she goes...

Great lady and a great little side tour along the way!

We arrive to find out that the Marble Canyon Lodge has partially burned down a month ago. The restaurant and a lot of the old building. It had stood for over 100 years so it was sad to see that old section go. So in the meantime there is a temporary restaurant in the back of the gas station and your check in desk will be in the gas station office too. Hey... It works and the food was hot!

Checked in and got situated, repacked all of our gear, and got ready for tomorrows adventure.

Here's a hint....

Me being an insomniac meant I spent most of the night standing out in the middle of the desert waiting for each minute to pass as I was so filled with excitement!!! There were 50-60 mph winds blasting me with sand but the sky was filled with stars and I was jacked up. I figured there was no way I would sleep. My wife sleeps like a rock so I try not to bug her with my tossing and turning by just getting up out of bed.

To be honest I tried everything I could to sleep... Xanex, beer, meditation etc.... and none of it worked.

Nice sunset though:

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