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1985 V65 Sabre. 200k + miles on it now, sitting in storage, waiting for it's trip to move to Hawaii and another 200k miles. This bike could not be better suited for where I live, though I will ditch the knobbies here. Rode it year-round in Alaska.

In 200k miles I have - changed the clutch several times- get usually about 50k miles out of them when not drag racing it. Changed the cams x1. Oil mod at about 50k miles. fork brace, three wire mod, corbin seat- which isn't lasting as long as stock, but more comfy- Keiser bags, which the brackets will be replaced next, gear mod. Lots of cleaning and regular maintenance- shock mod, race tech gold inserts mod. and springs.

Put the crappy plastics on it for winter-studded tire riding. Here it is with R1 Sjaak on a winter ride in Alaska

You think chicks dig guys who look like road-grimed power-rangers and have interesting x-rays? You must be smoking rope son!
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