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Originally Posted by CanningOz View Post
The power, whilst strong seems to taper off too soon leaving you wanting more as revs climb above 9k. The TC is painful when trying to ride fast on a mountain road, and should be less aggressive in sports mode giving you more wheelspin and/or letting you hold up the front for longer. Feels like a friendly policeman is inside the bike preventing you having the real fun.

Brakes could be more powerful, and side stand better. Luggage options are sub quality, especially when compared against BMW gear. Not sure about the bar bend either. Will probably get a slightly higher, drawn forward bend.

Apart from that, my Adv R is good and I'm really enjoying it. After 1,500kms, I think it's a very quick overgrown dirt bike, which is exactly the way I had hoped it would be.
Your certainly the first one ive heard that's complained about the power ;)

What your explaining is exactly what was built into this engine though, they took some power away from the top end (rc8r style) and increased the torque for it to be more dirt orientated.. After riding an F650 800 twin for as long sa I have I love the power increase ;)

You sound like you ride it hard, so a good person to ask this, if you give it to it in sports with Traction on, will it just hold there in the air during a wheelie or can it go past the balance point? Seems that the traction isnt as intrusive in the later part of 2nd to 3rd gear.. as thats when it always decides to surprise me n pop ;)
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