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Originally Posted by SilkMoneyLove View Post
This is my first time "winging it" on a trip.
I usually plan everything in advance (gas stops, hotel, food places...) so this is a big departure for me.

Am I nervous that I will be SOL when I come to a town and I want to sleep only to find it booked out? Yes. But, I don't have the stress of making it to X town by Z day. Trade off there.

If it sucks, I won't do it again ;-)
Originally Posted by hippiebrian View Post
I'm different than most here. I ALWAYS start a trip, big or small, with a plan. Then I NEVER do what I planned! I'll start out, then see a road to take, or a coffee house to waste an hour or so, or a nice nature walk, or whatever. I get real aimless out there. And it works for me! If I ever stuck to my plans, I'd miss a ton of stuff!
One example. In '07 I started up the coast, with a goal of getting up PCH until I hit the Canadian border. Well, I found a campsite the first night in Big Sur, so stopped for the night. Then, when I got to Monterey...that's as far as I ever made it!
Just because plans, in the long run, mean not a whole lot to this aimless wandering ex-hippie when I'm on vacation!
I prefer this type of non-plan when I have the time and flexibility. But I'm good at detailed planning of long trips, too--in the last 25 years, I've taken numerous 3- to 6-week bike trips through Europe (many before the internet, so using the phone, fax, and the recommendations of fellow travelers was how things were done), and my ex was insistent on having reservations in place for almost every night. Seems a breeze now.

On long trips without schedules or with just a few plans, I like to target a daily mileage and seek out several campgrounds or inns within 50 or 100 miles of that target to allow for lollygagging or three-digit cruising. Yea there's always the chance that rooms are booked, so a willingness to camp almost anywhere helps.
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