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I was stopped last Monday

I was stoppedlast Monday down in Driscol Tx, just south of Corpus Christi, by a city cop with a bad attitude. I was in my vette, with my brother, coming back to San Antonio. My mom was fixing to pass away and we were both a little upset since we had just left the hospital. I was speeding (no surprise here) and I just told the cop the situation, and could he write the ticket and get us on the way. Cop turns into a total ass. held us there for 30 minutes, I figured he was gonna try to search my car (that wasn't gonna happen) harrassed my brother who is a 20 year vet. It was so bad that when I left (i left pretty hard on the throttle).....I figured he was gonna come after me and stop me again. I went out 3 miles and turned arround and came back and filed a complaint against this jerk of a cop.He was waiting when I got to the police station, and it wasn't pretty either. Figured I was gonna end up in jail. He threatened to tow my car.....he also knew I was carrying my conceiled weapon too.....I wasn't being stupid on that one. I talked to his boss, don't know how it will turn out, but not all cops are this bad. I got 2 tickets, one for speed and the other for having a radar detector mounted to my windshield (?)......He wrote the ticket for 52 in a 40, even though he told me I was going 11 over. I was speeding and I'll take the ticket, but write the damn thing up right. I am gonna fight the windshield ticket. When I left a lady asked me if I had a problem with that cop, because he towed her daughter's car and left her daught and 8 year old granddaughter on the side of the road in 100 degree heat. Cop was a real jerk. And my mom passed away the next day too. Driscol Texas cops, well this one, can suck a rotten egg. And yeah, hands on the steering wheel and all that stuff I did just to make sure he wasn't a trigger happy rookie.
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