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Originally Posted by Eddy Alvarez View Post
Cat Herders! Greetings from Richmond. Quick question some of you may have an answer to:

I signed up for the Shenandoah 500, I was going to tent camp but this weekend, my wife and kids stated that they want to tag along in the RV and hang out at the campground during the day. Does anyone know if historically there have been other kids/families hanging out during the day. Are there things to do in the Mt. Solon? I see that they have a playground and some trails at the campground. I just don't want them getting bored. (They can always throw in a DVD and kick back on the sofa in the RV, or play with the iPods, but that defeats the purpose of camping)
If I take my DRZ instead of the 800GS, which I will probably do, I may let one of the kids ride pillon for a while. Does the route typically take you far from the campground or could I feasibly take one of my kids for a 1-2 hour ride and drop them back off at the campground with mom?
Answering from Richmond. I have seen other families and kids at the campgrounds during the event. Not a lot, but some. You can ride your kids around the area as long as they meet the same street legal requirements. But the loop generally runs away for half a day then back the other half, so if you're going to run the route with the pack, better have the kid commit for the day or else go woods exploring with mom then go for a ride in the evening. That's pretty much a no-brainer to take the DRZ unless you're looking for a trophy that says you can work a big beemer through the course and make it out the same day not too badly banged up. As for the kids, what to do / being bored, that's really only up to the imaginations of the kids and where the parents lead them. If they go to the campground take a quick look around and decide they're bored, "throw in a DVD and kick back on the sofa in the RV, or play with the iPods", then chances are they will lead a boring life of obesity. And to say "that defeats the purpose of camping" while bringing them to a full facility in an RV then leaving them for the day is something I find humor in. Maybe the best time for daddy to take mommy and the kids "camping" is when he can spend the full time with them teaching them about nature, survival, the outdoors, and enjoying life together - which is what really builds kids' character. Disculpe lo terco. Ojala todo eso les ayuda y que Dios les acompaņe.
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