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Although I started riding on a 67 Yammy Twinjet 100, with instruction from my dad who was a rider of many years, I learned about visual control quickly on my first attempts at turning from the street onto the driveway.

Suddenly, the driveway apron appeared VERY narrow, and I tensed up, then looked at the forked birch tree eight feet off the side of the driveway, and parked the front tire right into the base of the split trunk. My next attempt at turning in the driveway I went a bit wide and nearly bounced off the curb.

In both cases it seemed the little Yammy didn't want to make the easy turn. I had to learn the relationship of visual control and handlebar input all over again, just like we learn as a little child on our first bike. While it was simialr to all the bicycles I had ridden since I was five, then at 14 I had to relearn what it took to make even a small motorcycle respond as a I expected it too. No wonder so many new riders crash thier first bike.
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